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Our Story

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something truly special. The Father’s Heart Foundation is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference. With a variety of active projects, we harness the skills and resources of Ministry Partners to successfully achieve our goals.

Since our founding in 2009, we have been proud to witness how our activities have benefited orphaned and abandoned children and the Quezaltepeque community in El Salvador and beyond.

In leading orphans to the Father-heart of God, our primary goal is to create adoptive-style families for the children. FHF Families will live together in one of the family homes in the FHF village, and some will begin in some of the apartment suites.

Meet Our Team

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Samuel & Charity Okurut

Founders and Executive Directors

Missionary Teams

We work with local and foreign teams from churches, schools, and organizations like Youth With A Mission. Would YOU like to join or lead a team to El Salvador to do physical labor or evangelism? Simply contact us.

Discipleship Sustainabiliy Farm workers

Because of safety issues, we cannot introduce our Discipleship Sustainability Farm workers to you online. We work with several at-risk youth and young adults - offering employment, training, and discipleship.

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